Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello again!

Today I will write about my musical preferences, and give you some facts to rejoice those days when they feel sad. I actually like to hear a little of everything, but what I like to hear is folk and Latin rhythms. Also I love the Chilean rock and some troubadours, but when I`m sad I always listen to cheerful music. A few years ago I do African dance, so I've met a lot of music that mixes Latin American folklore with African rhythms. This music is very lively!

A good representative of these rhythms is Toto la Momposina. She`s a Colombian singer who mixes musical instruments such as bagpipes and yembe. I totally recommend you!

In Chile there is also very good musicians in this style: La Máquina de Candela is a group that plays Colombian cumbia with an African base. This is very funny!. Also, is Africandina. This is a group that can be drawn from sadness to anyone! I love listening them for to forget I'm sad, but I like more to see their shows. They mixed Andean instruments such as the flute and panpipes with different types of drums. But the most beautiful are the colors and energy of dance.

I hope you can meet some of these groups! With this music, there is no reason to be sad!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today I will tell you about a very interesting link, where you can know about my career. This web is the page of Archaeologist`College. The College of Archaeologist is a space created by a group of young (and not so young) archaeologist worried about the cultural, historical and archaeological heritage. However, the interest of this group often includes more and better thematic that problematic of Chilean institutions.

In this web you will find important thematic related with Mapuche conflict, Rapa Nui conflict and others current and interesting topics.

I visited this web quite often (about once a week), because I like always stay alert. This is a space where the good ideas are shared. Also, the professional ethics and wishes to protected the cultural heritage and human values are the base of this group.

Are invited now to discover works and news related to archaeology. You should visit the next link: http://www.arqueologos.cl/

I hope you like this web! Bye!