Monday, January 30, 2012

The end of the world

“End of the world” is a topic that is in vogue. People speak of 2012 like the last year of humanity. There are many theories about might happens the legendary December 21 of 2012.

For example, there are incredulous people who think that all things will remain the same.

There are others who believe in a catastrophic end of the world. But there are persons like me, who believe in an end of a “way” of world. I think what will happen in late 2012 is related with a change of consciousness of people and the creating of a new society.

There is much uncertainly about this issue, even some countries have created strategies to survive a supposed catastrophe. For example, the Norwegian government built a large bunker to protect seed`s species if the world ends ( I think maybe this is an exaggeration.

Great ancient civilizations predicted the end of the world by 2012. And the best known case is Maya civilization. They made an exactly calendar which end of December 21 of this year. This cultural group predicted others certain things, but in my opinion, this is not the same way of prediction.

I think that we don`t think so literally. I believe that the “end of the world” is actually the end of an era. Is going to end the era of selfishness, consumer thinking and the excessive exploitation of environment. If this doesn´t happen, I think we ourselves can do that the world will explode. Maybe ancient civilization gave us a sort of ultimatums.

Anyway, if the world ended I would like to do many things this year. I would love to enjoy the most of everything I will do.

On one hand, I would like to stop have responsibilities, and so I can travel, dancing a lot, spending time with people I want to be. It`s so idealist and crazy, but if I have one year of life, I would like to do everything that before I dared not.

Really, I think that every year we should live as they were the last year of our life

Monday, January 23, 2012

How green are you?

Honestly I considered myself a green person. The ecology and environment is one of the most important battle flags in my life. I used to recycle and do other thing that benefice the enviroment.

In one hand, in my house there are different bins for different kinds of garbage. I have a bin for organic garbage, and I make “Ecoladrillos”. These are bottles filled with plastic which are used to build. And I separated the cardboard, glass and cans. Thus I produce very little waste!!!

On the other hand, I try not to use the transantiago or polluting means of transport. I usually move by bike. I think that bike is a perfect solution to decontaminate Santiago. Moreover it helps people to be healthier.

With some friends made a vegetable garden organic in the university two years ago. We wanted to learn and about environment and ecology. Now it`s an eco-organization called “RĂ«ngalentun”. It`s mains “to unearth” or “to dig up” in Mapudungun language. Is important for us that the university there are more spaces to address this issue.

Last year we made some class about ecology and recycle. We started a campaign to recollected ecoladrillos and we participated in the student strike introducing the environmental thematic. We organized a couple of environmental fair in the headquarters of our university. It involves various organizations like ANAMURI (, Chilean Institute of Permaculture (ICHP), Chile sin transgĂ©nicos (, and others… It was really interesting!

Certainly never is much when it comes to caring for our planet!


Monday, January 16, 2012

What is the sense of life?

This is a very deep and personal question! I think I can`t explain it fully in words, but I try to do it.

I think everything had a purpose in life, everything is part of a universal order. Trees, plants, wind, animals and everything in nature has a role to play. In this sense, I think that everything are meaningful to the lives all others. It`s a big circle of relationships. The meaning of my life resides in the people and other beings that I have around me.

I believe that our fate will be fulfill. I think that I have a specific purpose in the life but the complicated is so find this purpose. Times I`ve been happier in my life are the moments when I`ve done things with meaning. I think that happiness is a sign that tells you that you are fulfilling with your fate.

Now I`m getting closer to my fate, cause I`m living a great time in my life. I have beautiful family and friends, the freedom to do many things and I have so many dreams to realize.

For me life is wonderful. It`s something you can`t avoid. You just have to live…

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rubbish: The perfect find of archaeologist

Julian Richards wrote an article very interesting which explains more accurate archaeological discipline. He considers rubbish as the perfect find of any archaeologist.

How he argues this?

He makes an analogy between archaeologist and detectives. The pottery fragments, animal bones, flint tools, human bones and architecture, are pieces of a great puzzle that must be assemble.

Generally, people associate archaeology with great monuments and valuable pieces of the past. But, the life of the past populations is not explained only by large castles and princes. When we think about people of the past, we must imagine common people. People like you or me.

In order to reconstruct in a better way the life of our ancestors, maybe something like this is necessary that we think in their day by day. Garbage is a good reflect of this. You can read in:

I found very interesting this article because it gives you a vision of archaeology beyond of great explorers like "Indiana Jones". We are people who trying to reconstruct the life of the others. However, who wouldn`t like to find other Stonehenge or a new Pompeya? I think that`s the dream of any archaeologist.