Monday, January 16, 2012

What is the sense of life?

This is a very deep and personal question! I think I can`t explain it fully in words, but I try to do it.

I think everything had a purpose in life, everything is part of a universal order. Trees, plants, wind, animals and everything in nature has a role to play. In this sense, I think that everything are meaningful to the lives all others. It`s a big circle of relationships. The meaning of my life resides in the people and other beings that I have around me.

I believe that our fate will be fulfill. I think that I have a specific purpose in the life but the complicated is so find this purpose. Times I`ve been happier in my life are the moments when I`ve done things with meaning. I think that happiness is a sign that tells you that you are fulfilling with your fate.

Now I`m getting closer to my fate, cause I`m living a great time in my life. I have beautiful family and friends, the freedom to do many things and I have so many dreams to realize.

For me life is wonderful. It`s something you can`t avoid. You just have to live…


  1. Sometimes I asked for destiny and happiness. I think in the situations that give happiness to somebody, but can do unhappy to other persons. I don´t know if this will be part of destiny.

  2. I'm happy for you, you really conveys that you're having a good time in your life, and that many of the things that you do make sense.

  3. Also I think which all are connected, how to big circle in that good and bad you given come back to you.