Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello again!

Today I will talk about a delicious topic: The food, my favourite food. I must admit that I don’t have an only favourite dish, but there is a kind of plateful that I love! They are the stews and soups. I love the almost all the traditional foods such as beans (and pomegranate beans too), lentils, carbonada, and other dish which are prepared in the north of our country, such as patasca and ají de calabaza. In general I love the food that containing many vegetables, soup and seasoning. The patasca is a soup that is prepared in high Andean areas of Perú and Bolivia. Its name comes from the Quechua: phatasqa, which means burst or broken. Originally it prepares with pork or beef meat, but I don’t eat any kind of meat. The last year to taste a patasca dish made with soy meat! Was the perfect combination: potatoes, sweet red pepper, corn, soy meat, onion, other vegetables and many seasoning!. Clearly that is not to repeat the dish! Rather it`s better to take a nap after it.

I love cook, but this food I have never prepared. First I have to get me the essential ingredients and this is more difficult to achieve. The corn that used in the patasca have large grains, fresh and clearer that we know tradicionally in Chile. Moreover, it`s better to use the rocoto instead of other chili. Have to be brave for this! The rocoto is the chili most hot spices than I know.
I hope you can try this delicious dish!

See you the next class!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello again!

Today I'll talk about something that I love: photography. To be honest, I had a hard time choosing just one picture to show. But, I am decided!

The photograph that I choose is very beautiful and special. This photo was taken by my sister in the backyard of my house in an autumn afternoon. The head which looks is my older nephew: Inti. What I like about the photo is the contrast of colors. Especially the intensity of Inti hair and green lawn. Moreover, I like the ball in the center of the courtyard, which gives a touch of tenderness to the photo.

It is a true reflection of Inti playing on a common day!.

Also the picture captures the sunlight on the head of inti. I like a lot! Inti on Inti. The word “Inti” means sun in Quechua, Language used by much of the Andean peoples.

I think the most important is the composition of the image. The perspective that it was taken is very beautiful. You can not see the face of my nephew. This gives a hint of mystery and sweetness to the picture. And the pacifier gives more that sense of tenderness.

Maybe it will not cause the same sweetness in you all, because you need to know Inti to understand how important image. So it'll show you a other photo to love it so much like me.

This picture was taken the same day. Day when the afternoon sun made ​​that the colors stand out much!

Well, I hope you appreciate this image as much as me!

See you on next class!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happiest days of my life!

Today I'm going to tell you about a very special days in my life. The best days of my life!. I think it is very difficult to think of a single day, because there are many moments I remember with great happiness. But today my memory it is going to move to a very special days. These were the days that I met Machu Picchu and its surroundings.

My trip to Peru was a little over a month during the summer of 2009. With a friend we met in Arica and we started travelling. Before coming to this beautiful place that I mentioned, we meet other places like Tacna, Arequipa, Chivay, Colca Canyon, Cuzco, among other. Peru is really beautiful!

After a week in Cuzco, and after know places and people wonderful, began a journey for 3 days to get to "Aguas Calientes" (the last village before arriving at Machu Pichu). Were three days of long walk, which we crossed part of the yungas, cross bridges, we saw many colorful insects, we bathe in hot springs, and we ate bananas taken from the same plants!.

Well, the day that we knew Machu Picchu we got up at 3 am to arrive at 6 am to the entrance of the ruins. We climb Wayna Picchu (The big hill you see on postcards or vintage photos of the place) before we knew the rest of the ruins. The sky cleared and we could see the panoramic view of the place. In this moment and I started playing reed flute. At the highest point of the place I felt at absolute bliss!

I hope I have shared with you the beautiful sensation of those moments!

If you still do you not know, I recommend a trip to Peru!

See you!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello again!
Today I will tell you about a very interesting piece of technology. This instrument has facilitated many aspects on my life! I`m talking about digital camera. That is a good option if you decide to explore a career in which you must travel sick. Also, it`s very useful to record each moment of your life. Best of all is that is cheap!
In the old days we had to buy film. Also after taking all the pictures we had to reveal the roll of camera. Now that is not necessary! The digital camera to make possible to store many photos in a single memory card. That it helps us when we need to take many pictures and we select only one. For example, in my career always I need to record each materials found in the archaeological sites. And whit the digital camera we can check to quality of photos in the fieldwork.
Finally, I want to tell you that I like this piece of technology because it can be an excellent company: on your travels, on your family moments, on moments whit your friend, even in your daily life!
I hope you appreciate this piece of technology as much as me!
See you!