Monday, January 23, 2012

How green are you?

Honestly I considered myself a green person. The ecology and environment is one of the most important battle flags in my life. I used to recycle and do other thing that benefice the enviroment.

In one hand, in my house there are different bins for different kinds of garbage. I have a bin for organic garbage, and I make “Ecoladrillos”. These are bottles filled with plastic which are used to build. And I separated the cardboard, glass and cans. Thus I produce very little waste!!!

On the other hand, I try not to use the transantiago or polluting means of transport. I usually move by bike. I think that bike is a perfect solution to decontaminate Santiago. Moreover it helps people to be healthier.

With some friends made a vegetable garden organic in the university two years ago. We wanted to learn and about environment and ecology. Now it`s an eco-organization called “Rëngalentun”. It`s mains “to unearth” or “to dig up” in Mapudungun language. Is important for us that the university there are more spaces to address this issue.

Last year we made some class about ecology and recycle. We started a campaign to recollected ecoladrillos and we participated in the student strike introducing the environmental thematic. We organized a couple of environmental fair in the headquarters of our university. It involves various organizations like ANAMURI (, Chilean Institute of Permaculture (ICHP), Chile sin transgénicos (, and others… It was really interesting!

Certainly never is much when it comes to caring for our planet!



  1. I think that Rengalentun is one of the most important things in JGM. It was a very nice initiative!

  2. I agree with cami, rengalentun it is a very important action of the students in JGM

  3. yep, regalentun is a green and good iniciative! I wish there were more initiatives like this !!

  4. Laraland have been very active with activities to promote environmental stewardship. I congratulate you for that, hopefully people every day become more aware of the importance of protecting the environment.