Monday, December 26, 2011


Generally, people prefer to traveled to Europe or another great places away from our country but it`s not for me. If only I could have money an

d time I would traveled for the world, but if I have to choose only one country… it`s Guatemala.

Honestly I haven´t only a reason that why this country. I`s funny, but when I was a little girl I liked to spoke with caribbean accent and I loved the multicolored cloth or “aguayo”. I`ve always wanted to know full American Latin.

With my career I learned a little more of Guatemala, and now it like more than before.

The name of the country means “place of many trees” in náhuatl language, and it represent one of thing that I love in life. I like the sun, the green, the nature and historical places


This place is a cradle of Maya civilization and there are great archaeological sites like Tikal or San Bartolo. I can`t die if I don`t visit Tikal!! It`s great city in the middle of the jungle.

I would like to live in Guatemala some time. I want to learn about your traditions and original cultures. But I think that is not very far from happening. I hope it!

See you the next class!

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  1. I would like know full American Latin too, because for me we brothers, so says of sings "we are the same history"...