Monday, December 19, 2011

What is love?

Generally people associated the term “love” with to have an affair with somebody, but I think that is not that. In my opinion love is a very broad concept. Love is order, harmony between peoples and when there is balance in the world.

Can sound really philosophic or abstract, but is like I give a sense of my life. (This is other topic, and I will delve in other occasion).

I believe cent per cent in love, and I see the love in the perfection of nature and in human relationships every day. I to fall in love all the time, but I have never had a vivid couple or partner. I think this kind of love is a very acute feeling, it`s even more when you are a intense person. This is my case! So, you can think: “oh, you’re so hippie!” but I love to live each moment of my life.

As The Beatles say “all you need is love… “to be happy.

See you next class



  1. Lari, you're so hippie and I love you because of that :p
    I'll be waiting for you...and Taller is waiting for us :(

  2. To live and enjoy every moment of the life it's the most important thing! You're smart :)

  3. Laurita, I love your way to love... you give love in each space where you are, illuminating everything. I love you =)