Monday, December 12, 2011

A stranger semester...

I have been six months in strike in the university. The student’s movements fought for a better education in Chile. The struggle for education is not finish, but in my University we have decided return to class.

This is my last semester of the career, and just I have two subjects. I should had the last year, but I took the good decision of study slow but better. The subjects are “Taller de Investigación”, which teach me to make a good project or investigations design for my discipline. It`s so difficult and I need to read a lot!. The name of the other subjects is Human Ecology. It`s about the relationship between the man and his environment. I like it!

This is a summer`s semester. I am not to Santiago originally, and never I have been the hot months in the city. Is very strange! I think that is terrible, but I hope time flys and I`ll do well this semester.

A hug!!


  1. Congratulations for be in your last semester. To you, and all the anthropology/archeology guys! And enjoy the heat >:)

  2. Lorna, I hope that the inka trail illuminate you! Good luck! with your investigation question

  3. Larulaa..this semester is going to fly! Don't worry :D
    See you!